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Imaginware Development Co.
What's Included?

This is what is included with the GURPS Character Generator:

Lastest version of the GURPS Character Generator.
Lastest version of the GURPS Character Editor.

GURPS Aliens GURPS Egypt GURPS Psionics
GURPS Arabian Nights GURPS Fantasy Folk 2nd Edition GURPS Religion
GURPS Aztecs GURPS Greece GURPS Russia
GURPS Basic Set 3rd Edition GURPS Grimoire GURPS Space
GURPS Bestiary GURPS High-Tech GURPS Swashbucklers
GURPS Blood Types GURPS Imperial Rome GURPS Supers
GURPS Celtic Myth GURPS Japan GURPS Ultra-Tech
GURPS Compendium I GURPS Magic GURPS Undead
GURPS Compendium II GURPS Martial Arts GURPS Vikings
GURPS Cyberpunk GURPS Myth GURPS Voodoo
GURPS Dinosaurs GURPS Places of Mystery