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Imaginware Development Co.
About Us

Imaginware exists by accident. We were selfishly writing a character generator for our own gaming purposes, and somehow, it took on a life all it's own. Something that was being used for only our whims became a tool that could be useful by others... I guess it's always good to share.

Our Business Philosophy

Imaginware's objective is simple. To produce the best Character Generator available for Steve Jackson's Generic Universal Roleplaying System.

Our business is dedicated to the production of the best quality, most inclusive, and inexpensive character generator that will improve the character creation process of our customers. We guarantee you have not created characters faster, or more easily, than you can with the GURPS Character Generator.

Our Company

Imaginware Development was started in 1995 with the first release of the GURPS Character Generator. The software in it's infancy was only meant to alleviate the mathematical problems of buying skills, advantages, spells, etc. and not have to perform all the addition by hand. Being avid GURPS players, the program began to take on a life all its own. As time passed, more and more features were added to what used to be a complex calculator. With every gaming session, another suggestion was made... "Wouldn't it be great if the generator could...." Several hundred "What if's" later, the generator became the complex piece of software you see today. The in-house game calculator became something that was felt others might be interested in. So, due to a great love of the GURPS Roleplaying system, and many many arduous hours of development, Imaginware proudly sells the generator to all GURPS fans.

Our Employees

Timothy S. Antonicic CEO, Chief Architect & Developer
James R. Antonicic Chief Engineer of new Source book material
Lori Broach Technical Writer

A business is only as good as the people who work for it. Many long hours go into creating the GURPS Character Generator. We strive to keep creating and enhancing the best generator out there!

Lunatic; Actual size=180 pixels wide

Tim Antonicic has spent many long hours in front of the computer creating the latest versions of the software. Sometimes we wonder if he needs a vacation!!.