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Imaginware Development Co.

Get the latest Databases here:

Database Name Download File Name Last Update File Size
Basic Basic.zip 5/24/2000 289K
Aliens/Fantasy Folk Aliens.zip    
Magic Magic.zip    
Grimoire Grimoire.zip    
Compendium Compendium.zip    
Cyberpunk Cyberpunk.zip    
High-Tech High-Tech.zip    
Martial Arts MartialArts.zip    
Supers Supers.zip    
Ultra-Tech Ultra-Tech.zip    
Myth Myth.zip    
Psionics Psionics.zip    
User Defined UserDefined.zip    
Get the Latest Editor
User Defined Editor 1.02 Editor2.zip    
Want a Preview before you buy? Download our Shareware version...

(The Shareware version of the software IS the actual software, minus the abilities to save and print your characters!! In addition, the Shareware version is usually a few versions prior to the actual release of the software. Check out our What's New? section to see all the latest details!)

Filename Download File Name Last Update File Size
Shareware Version 3.07.15 currently available for download
Disk 1 SharewareInstall1.zip 09/08/2005 2492K
Disk 2 SharewareInstall2.zip 09/08/2005 2825K
Disk 3 SharewareInstall3.zip 09/08/2005 2638K


Having Difficulties? It could be your computer does not have DAO (Direct Access Objects) installed. Download the DAO 3.5 install provided here to get up and running!!

Filename Download File Name Last Update File Size
DAO Install Disk 1 DAO1.zip 06/21/1999 1169K
DAO Install Disk 2 DAO2.zip 06/21/1999 1069K