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Imaginware Development Co.

What's New?

Here's the latest in the GURPS Character Generator Enhancements:

Version - 2.07 -- (Released 05/24/2000)

Added right-click menus to all character sheets and completed menu descriptions.
Fix to display of negative decimal numbers. (0.-5 = -0.5)
Fix to initial calcuation of Acrobatic Maneuvers.
Added Karate and Judo skills to the list of 2/3 parry skills.
Fix to recalculation. Ads/Disads that modify/add other Ads/Disads now recalcuate
Added "All" category to Preferences dialog to allow easy access to shut off categories.
Added ability to have as many spells pages as necessary for the character.
Added ability to have as many notes pages as necessary for the character.
Added ability to add Ad/Disad, Skill, Spell etc... descriptions to character's Notes from the
description dialog.
Fix to Equipment page displaying first item of second column incorrectly.
Added special calculations for Extended Magery.
Fix to recaluation of Maneuvers based on other maneuvers.
Fix to Martial Arts Styles adding of skills and maneuvers.
Calculate Number of Character's Note pages upon loading the character.
When editing a Note, it's number of lines is set back to zero to be recalculated when
displayed again.
Fix to Equipping Armor items. If you previously set all of the items to be carried, then
equipped one, it would appear as though you were carrying an extra item beyond the total
number of items.
Fix to conversion of decimal numbers. 34.09 use to display as 34.9 incorrectly.
Able to set Battle Skill, Parry, and Block skills after adding a Martial Arts style
and no skills. (Had to previously add a skill to activate these selections.)
Added Karate Parry to all Martial Arts Styles that required it.
Fixed Default problem with Aggressive Parry from Karate Parry.
Fixed problem of editing Martial Arts styles for character's that had more than
one Martial Arts Style. (Always use to modify the first one no matter which one
was selected.)
Fixed problem of adding new skills to a Martial Arts Style. (Always added skills to the
first style.)
Fix to setting items as "Drop for Combat". Previously if you set an item as "Drop for Combat",
then performed other actions on that item, the program lost track that you set the item as
"Drop for Combat".
Fix when adding a Maneuver to a Martial Arts style. The skill level is now displayed
correctly without having to recalculate.
Fix when adding a Maneuver to the regular skill list. It now uses the correct skills from the
skill list and not from a Martial Arts Style.
Change display of Martial Arts Styles to ensure that PMVH is completely visible and not cut off
by the skills level.
If the character only has one Martial Arts Style, when selecting to modify Martial Arts Styles,
the only style is brought up for immediate modification instead of having to pick it from a list
of one.
Added Increase and Decrease by 10 buttons to the Equip Equipment items dialog.

<U>Version - 2.02</U><BR>
<LI>Battle Skill added.
<LI>When setting the character's picture, the directory of the last chosen picture
(if a picture has been previously chosen) will be the current starting
<LI>Added Sub-Table access for Equipment, Armor, and Weapon items.
<LI>Fix to Preferences Dialog for Category Selection. (Removed - Money, Melee-Weapons,
Ranged-Weapons). These were condensed into Equipment and Weapons respectively.
<LI>Fix to Enhanced Strength Dialog. Now when taking the Enhance Strength Limitations,
and the base strength is not modified, the Display is set correctly.
<LI>Correction to display of Fatigue. Now if Enhanced Strength is selected, and Fatigue
reduction or spell fatigue reduction is selected, the Fatigue value is displayed

Version - 2.0 - It's finally here... but backwards compatibility of characters was lost due to the extensive internal rewriting of the program. Many skills, ads, disads, etc.. have been moved from their original places to new ones to make the software more cohesive. Hope the new flexibility of the software helps you to forgive the loss of the backward compatibility.
Databases!!!! The old INI and TXT files have been removed and all of the information is now is several simple databases...
Added second list box to all screens to show history of items selected during that particular session.
Created separate DLL's for Possession, Prerequisite and Special Calculation routines.
Many internal enhancements to improve display speed and overall software performance.
Bold level of encumbrance on main character page.
Added ability to select your Parry and Block skills.
Added a "Drop for Combat" option to your equipped items, giving you the flexibility to be carrying an item, but not have it affect your combat effectiveness.
Added an "Equip All", "Unequip All", and "Remove All" push button to make equipping and unequipping items faster.
Added graying of menu items so that you cannot select an item unless it is available to you.
Added ability to Default Skill from Strength and Health.
Added option to include Running in Basic Speed or not.
Added Move for Combat and Travelling on main character page.
Fixed calculation for Language Talent and Linguistics adding to Language bonuses.
Changed the Character Notes entry. You can now enter paragraphs of data into one note without regards to length.
Defaulted Skills will now display the skill they are being defaulted from next to them in parenthesis.
Dodge score is now being calculated.
Fix to Cultural Adaptation Bonuses. They are now being correctly calculated and not being cumulatively added after every character Recalculation.
Added Special Calculation and Possession checking for Reduced Move.
Added Calculations for Hit Points and Fatigue.
Fixed problem of low weight items not adding correctly.
Added Calculations for Extra Encumbrance Racial Advantage.
Added Shield Info to Other PD and DR section.

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