What's New?
Imaginware Development Co.
What was New in Version 3.08?
Released 04/28/2006
  1. Fix: Encumbrance for Split strength races now correctly uses the second strength score for determining encumbrance.
  2. Enhancement: Make Law Skill a description type.
  3. Enhancement: Make Parry Missle Weapon a blocking type skill.
  4. Enhancement: 4th Edition rules added!!!
  5. Enhancement: Allow equipping, adding and subtracting of items that are contained in containers.
  6. Fix: Add container items to reorganize menu selection.
  7. Enhancement: Add "reliable" phrase to Contact advantage display ("Somewhat" became "Somewhat Reliable").
  8. Fix: Shield display of DR values when extra DR enchants were bought now display correctly.
  9. Enhancement: Added Dependents Dialog.
  10. Enhancement: Added Allies Dialog.
  11. Fix: Prevent deleting of text from edit controls in Contact and Reputation dialogs.
  12. Fix: Ritual Magic Paths and Rituals now work correctly.
  13. Fix: Short Staff skill now parries at 2/3.
  14. Fix: Add Maneuver defaulting for Tail Sweep and Death from Above for the Dragons database.
  15. Fix: Add Maneuver defaulting for Covert Ops and Low-Tech databases.

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