What's New?
Imaginware Development Co.
What was New in Version 3.07?
Released 04/13/2005
  1. Enhancement: Add a Select All and Clear All button to the Options-Preferences dialog for selecting/deselecting modules.
  2. Fix: Enhant of new weapons in the main table functions again.
  3. Enhancement: Added a edit control in the modify skills dialog to allow the changing of a skill description for any skills that possess a description. i.e. - Guns: Pistol: Colt45 can be changed to Guns: Pistol: Berreta 9mm without removing and readding the skill.
  4. Fix: Check list of currently selected spells to determine if character is in compliance with Magical Affinity rules.
  5. Fix: No Sense of Taste/Smell disad did not effect Smell/Taste roll on main character page.
  6. Enhancement: Possession Checking for Light Hangover and No Hangover.
  7. Enhancement: Possession Checking for Color Blindness, Bad Sight, Blindess, Acute Vision, and Poor Vision.
  8. Enhancement: All database that have list data will now have a top level entry point into the subtables. This will prevent, unreachable sublists in databases where the database that had the entry point was turned off.
  9. Enhancement: Added Main Gauche to the 2/3 parry category.
  10. Enhancement: Added Dragons database.
  11. Fix: Melee and Ranged Weapons placed in container items will now display in their appropriate areas.
  12. Fix: Equip Items Dialog now displays proper weight of container items contents.
  13. Enhancement: Added Dialog for creating a Contact.
  14. Enhancement: Added GURPS China.
  15. Fix: Do not allow multiple "Maneuver" or "Maneuver (Cinematic)" items show in skills list.

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