What's New?
Imaginware Development Co.
What was New in Version 3.06?
Released 11/10/2003
  1. Fix: Several Equipment Subtables did not recieve the appropriate "Special" column that caused problems bringing up details in the selection dialogs.
  2. Enhancement: Added a Special Calculations page option. This page is used to display all of a characters special calculations that are being applied to various skills and stats.
  3. Enhancement: Force Sensitivity now adds to all Force Skills like Magery does.
  4. Fix: Characters without a selected picture will now go to base picture directory correctly.
  5. Fix: KIT files are recalculated when a new character is created to ensure all values are loaded correctly.
  6. Fix: Martial Arts Styles are recalcated as they are added to the character to make sure their skill numbers are correct.
  7. Fix: Martial Arts Style is not allowed to be added if the character does not have enough points.
  8. Fix: Martial Arts Style Dialog correctly displays points left to spend when purchasing a Style.
  9. Fix: Martial Arts Skills once again show up in the Parry and Block selection dialog boxes.
  10. Fix: When closing a window without saving a previously unsaved character, the software will now prompt you if you wish to save, and prompt for a character name. The character will then be correctly saved with the IMW extension and reload using the character name.
  11. Fix: Changed Awareness Advantage to a Multi.
  12. Fix: Armor, Equipment, and Weapons from Sub-tables now added correctly based on subtable and database.
  13. Previous duplicates in id and not table were considered the same item.
  14. Fix: Weapons in subtables now display correctly in melee and ranged weapons equipment page.
  15. Enhancement: Added Move Top and Move Bottom Buttons to the reorganize dialog.
  16. Fix: Last Modified Date now displays correctly.
  17. Enhancement: Added Blue Planet, Mars, Steampunk, Transhuman Space, World War II, Uplift, Fairies, and Covert Ops databases.

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