What's New?
Imaginware Development Co.
What was New in Version 3.05?
Released 01/31/2003
  1. Fix: Old Enhancement/Limitations were not being read back correctly.
  2. Fix: Multiple line Ad/Disads did not allow proper paging to second main character page.
  3. Enhancement: The commonality of Damage Resistance, Invulnerability, and Vulnerability are now part of the description.
  4. Enhancement: Added check for Character Post Creation. This will cause the further increase of Stats to cost 2x the normal.
  5. Enhancement: Brawling, Boxing, and Karate skills will now show up on the equipment page under melee weapons displaying damage.
  6. Enhancement: All spell throwing skills will be displayed in the Ranged weapons area of the equipment page.
  7. Fix: Impaling PD of Layered armor will now take the best impaling PD value.
  8. Fix: Familiars enhancements now can be added.
  9. Enhancement: Armoury subtable added.
  10. Enhancement: Piloting subtable added.
  11. Enhancement: Gunner subtable added.
  12. Enhancement: The Group description in the Reputation Dialog is no longer cleared when changing any of the frequency and group size options.
  13. Fix: The Player's Name, Occupation, Company and Tech Level in the Attributes Dialog is no longer reset when using the randomize button.
  14. Enhancement: Added Tech Level to the Equipment, Armor, and Weapons dialogs.
  15. Enhancement: Added several new Engineering and Mechanic Skill sub items.
  16. Enhancement: Made Addiction Disadvantage a Multi-List and added Ultra-Tech addictions.
  17. Enhancemnet: Ultra-Tech reorganized and Descriptions added.
  18. Enhancement: Added Legality to Equipment Dialog boxes.
  19. Fix: Number of Character Pages calculated correctly when headings are used.
  20. Enhancement: Added Cancel button to equipment sub-dialog items. Also allow double clicking of list sub-item to add it to the character.

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