What's New?
Imaginware Development Co.
What was New in Version 3.04?
Released 05/07/2002
  1. Fix: Spell page correctly displays multi-line notes.
  2. Enhancement: Added container items. These are items that can contain other items.
    The software handles the management of how much can be placed into a container and reorganizing the container also reorganizes all of its contents. WARNING: Removing a container item from your character, also removes all of its contents. Containers may be placed inside other containers, however, when items are removed from a container, they always return to your main pack. Items may also only be moved to the next lowest container. To place an item in a container that is already in a container, you will need to move the item to the outer container first. Then to the inner container. All container management can be done from the Reorganize menu options on the character's equipment page.
  3. Change: Removed reorganize dialog and now all views call the reorganize property 
    page only.
  4. Change: Removed remove items dialog and now all views call the remove property  page only.
  5. Added DiscWorld database.
  6. Added Cabal database.
  7. Fix: Damage Resistance sub-tables no longer incorrectly add to a character's DR locations, unless the DR is for ALL.
  8. Fix: Display Reach and Skill modifiers for Natural attack advantages.
  9. Fix: Display Vulnerability heading before selected Vulnerability item.
  10. Fix: Equip Armor dialog does not remove any armor enchantments after equipping the item.
  11. Enhancement: Added an option to do Non-Stat based Perception checks. All character's will start at a base of 10, rather then IQ, preventing highly intelligent character's an undo advantage over others.
  12. Enhancement: When taking the Wealth Advantage, you will receive a -5 cost savings to any Status Advantage. (Wealth provides a free level of status, however, you will not receive the bonus until you add Status to your character).
  13. Enhancement: When taking the Military Rank Advantage, you will receive a -5 cost saving to any Status Advantage for every 3 levels of Military Rank. (Every 3 levels of Military Rank provides a free level of status, however, you will not receive the bonus until you add Status to your character).
  14. Enhancement: Added "Fake" default skills. In order for a skill to be properly defaulted, enough points need to have been spent in the skill being defaulted from. When this does not occur, the user will now be prompted if they would like to add a display only default skill (denoted by a # in the skill list). These display only defaults are just that, display only, and CANNOT be modified or raised as per a normal default skill. If enough points are acquired in a skill, to make the default legal, the display only default will need to be removed.
  15. Fix: When adding skills, the duplicate skill error will be produced whenever a selected skill, default skill, default skill display only, or default language matches any other. (Previously a skill could be selected, when the same skill was already selected as a default skill.)

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