What's New?
Imaginware Development Co.
What was New in Version 3.03?
Released 12/31/2001
  1. Enhancement: Expanded Enhancement/Limitation Functionality.
  2. Added: Ghost Form and Spirit Form.
  3. Enhancement: Changed Venom and Strikers Racial Advantages to allow a
    description to be added to describe the type of Venom or Striker.
  4. Enhancement: Print button on description dialogs enabled.
  5. Enhancement: Notes Page not added unless character notes exist.
  6. Enhancement: If you do not have enough points for a Advantage/Skill/Spell
    you are prompted to add points to your character to cover the cost.
  7. Fix: Default Languages and Default skills now recalculate correctly for
    special mods.
  8. Change: Supers Ads/Disads moved to racial advantages and racial disadvantages. They will now display on the normal character page. (Super's Page has been removed.)
  9. Change: Super Powers will be displayed in the normal skills area.
  10. Added: Technomancer Database.
  11. Enhancement: User Preferences Dialog options combo-box initialized with "All" option instead of Ads/Disads.
  12. Enhancement: Willful Weapon, Dread, Vulnerability, Invulnerability, and Damage 
    Resistance subtables/enhancements reworked.
  13. Fix: Added reputation bonus number to Reputation description.
  14. Enhancement: F5 key performs a character recalculate.
  15. Fix: Weapon enchantments were being lost when a enchanted item was equipped, but not made enchanted during that session.]\
  16. Enhancement: When setting your block skill, only block skills will be displayed.
  17. Enhancement: When setting your parry skill, only valid melee skills will be displayed.
  18. Enhancement: Enhanced Block Advantage will not let you declare your block skill and add bonus into your Block Score.
  19. Enhancement: Enhanced Parry Advantage will not let you declare your parry skill and
    add bonus into your Parry Score.
  20. Enhancement: First Aid Skill will now receive bonuses/penalties based on Character's
  21. Enhancement: Increased functionality of the Lame Disadvantage and how it effects
    the character's Dodge, Combat Move, Traveling Move, and skills.
  22. Enhancement: Body of Air's 1/2 Move penalty is now applied to Move and Dodge.
  23. Change: Ley Linked and Location Linked Magery will NOT change spell skill levels. 
    Manual calculation will need to be applied to your spell skill level if you are at
    a ley line or location.
  24. Enhancement: Magical Affinity now calculates Neutral and Hostile family penalties,
    and enforces percentages of friendly, neutral, and hostile families.
  25. Enhancement: Multiple Magery types are now prevented. Only Ley line and location based Magery types are allowed to be in co-existence with another Magery type.
  26. Enhancement: One College Magery now only gives bonuses to spells within that selected college. All spells outside that college are set to skill level 0. (Cannot be cast).

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