What's New?
Imaginware Development Co.
What was New in Version 3.01?
Released 03/02/2001
  1. Added: Bite damage to character.
  2. Fix: Recalcuating Maneuvers and Defaulted Skills based on a Character Stat now
    calculate correctly.
  3. Fix: "No Record Found Error" no longer occurs for Maneuver and Defaulted Skills
    based on a Character Stat.
  4. Enhancement: Deafness modifies Hearing Check to 0, and gives +3 bonus to Sign Language, and Lip Reading. Also gives -3 to language skills.
  5. Enhancement: Hard of Hearing Disadvantage now adjusts Hearing Check.
  6. Enhancement: Cannot have both Hard of Hearing and Deafness.
  7. Enhancement: Thaumotology skill now receives bonus from character's Magery level.
  8. Fix: Transportation Encumbrance now calculates correctly.
  9. Enhancement: Added support for Ritual Magic.
  10. Enhancement: Added Page information to equipment, armor, and weapon dialogs.
  11. Enhancement: Equipment Sub-dialogs modified. Can now make sub-table items enhanted.
  12. Fix: Racial Ad - Scales - PD and DR corrected.
  13. Fix: Recalculation will iterate through as many levels as required to recalculate 
    all defaulted skills.
  14. Added: Low-Tech Database.
  15. Added: Pyramid Database.
  16. Added: Bio-Tech Database.
  17. Enhancement: Change Option Preferences GURPS Sets to a Checked List Box of modules.
  18. Enhancement: Encumbrance/Move section of the Main Character page now reflects any adjustments due to reduced move.
  19. Enhancement: Added Recalculation to Transportation items, Added Bite, Swing, Thrust, and Punch values to Animal Transportation items, display armor PD DR values.
  20. Enhancement: Split Historic Database into Aztec, Japan, Russia, Swashbucklers, Imperial Rome, Greece, Arabian Nights, Places of Mystery, Vikings, Celtic Myth, Dinosaurs, and Egypt databases.
  21. Enhancement: Split Horror Database into Bestiary, Blood Types, Undead, and Voodoo databases.
  22. Enhancement: Updated many Martial Arts styles and created new Martial Arts Style kits for all Styles.

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