What's New?
Imaginware Development Co.
What was New in Version 3.00?
Released 03/02/2001
  1. Internal: Restructuring of Skills, Ads, Disads, Spells, Equipment, Armor, and Weapon items.
  2. Fix: Weak Will will now modify checks.
  3. Fix: Recalculation of Transportation items.
  4. Fix: Head/Face designations. (Added option for including DR to head for helms without full facial protection).
  5. Fix: Several database updates for Armor items.
  6. Fix: Character recalculation now keeps Modified date.
  7. Added: Skill Headings.
  8. Added: Save maximized state of Window. If main window is maximized, then upon startup it will be maximized.
  9. Fix: Black Power Weapons now get IQ bonuses.
  10. Fix: Brass Knuckles damage set to thrust (punch+2).
  11. Fix: Venom Racial Advantage calculation. 

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