What's New?
Imaginware Development Co.
What was New in Version 2.08?
Released 09/22/2000
  1. Fix to calculation of running bonus to basic speed. Previously did not add any running bonuses into calculations.
  2. Added Tabbed-Dialogs.
  3. Added Increase and Decrease by 10 and 100 buttons to the Equip Equipment items dialog.
  4. Added Whip to parry modifiers: only 1/3 for parry skill.
  5. Added Transportation page.
  6. Fix to subtract reduced move from Move and Dodge.
  7. Added last date modified to character.
  8. Double-clicking in Equip Armor dialog now Equips and UnEquips Armor.
  9. Added minor enchantments to weapons and armor. Added cheap, fine, and very fine weapons.
  10. Redesigned Armor section to include seperate heading for face and modified databases to designate helmets that protect the face.
  11. Added punch to character.
  12. Added a field to the databases for adding multiple items. Now only specified armor, weapon, and equipment items will ask for a quantity to aquire.
  13. Changed Activate Runes, Body of Stone, Create Object, Drain Mana, Geyser, Golem, Possession, Restore Mana, Shapeshift Others, Shapeshifting, Shatter, Burning Death, Reflect Gaze, Steal Skill, and Vigil to MVH.
  14. Changed Flight and Radiation Jet to MH.
  15. Modify skills dialog for spells so it no longer allows spells to be reduced below 1 point.
  16. Added functionality for description button to Weapons, Armor, and Equipment Dialog boxes.
  17. Fixed equipping items to groin only. Use to equip upper torso in Equip Armor Dialog.
  18. Added a Remove Parry, Remove Block, and Remove Battle Skill menu selection.
  19. Added option in User Preferences to select the amount at which +damage turns into another die.
  20. PD and DR sections will now display multiple shields if necessary.
  21. Fix to adding Martial Arts Cinematic maneuvers to the characters standard skill list.
  22. Added Reaction checks to the character for Reaction, Health, Fright, Will, Hearing, Smell/Taste, Mental Stun, Physcial Stun, Crippling Injury, and Perception.
  23. Added impaling values for PD/DR on the main character page.
  24. Added DR 2 to Brain.
  25. Added Fine Armor quality to Armor enchant dialog.

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