What's New?
Imaginware Development Co.
What was New in Version 2.06?
  1. Added special calculations for Clerical Magic advantage.
  2. Added descriptions to Aliens-Fantasy Folk, Horror, Magic, Grimoire, and Compendium.
  3. Added Fur, Hide and Scale racial advantages to the Aliens-Fantasy Folk database.
  4. Added Prerequisite checking for several compendium skills.
  5. Added Special Calculations for: Snake Charming, Fortune Telling, and Panhandling.
  6. Ability to zoom in and zoom out of character sheet now allowed.
  7. Fixed problem with sorted and unsorted sub-lists.
  8. Made Animal Training a Desc for training specific types.
  9. Added Myth database.
  10. Added Psionics database.
  11. Updated cost calculation for Racially modified skills.
  12. Fix to Recalculation of Manuevers based on DX.
  13. Fix to some Martial Arts Styles maneuvers starting values.
  14. Fix to add Cinematic Martial Arts maneuvers to main character via styles and not via Styles.
  15. Added ability to use Strength for Health and Basic Speed.
  16. Added ability to use Health for Fatigue.
  17. Added Technology spells to Magic database.
  18. Added Acrobatic Maneuvers to Compendium.
  19. Changed Damage Resistance to have a description.
  20. Added GURPS Japan to Historic database.
  21. Fixed Weapon damage calculation for weapons with no added bonus (e.g. sw, or thr)

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