What's New?
Imaginware Development Co.
What was New in Version 2.05?
  1. Weapon Damages are now being calculated and displayed on the character's equipment page.
  2. Added descriptions to Horror, Historic, Aliens-Fantasy Folk.
  3. Organized Claws and Teeth Racial Advantages into sub-tables.
  4. Fix recalculation of Martial Arts Styles cost.
  5. Allow the selection of Martial Arts Style Skills for Parry, Block, and Battle Skills.
  6. Martial Arts Styles now require the rest of the Advantages points to be spent before the style is added to your character.
  7. Added a Check All button to the Magic Schools dialog.
  8. Added "Language" SubID tag to Language skills and "Native Language" tag to default language skill.
  9. Added "Body Fat" standard equipment to equipment list for use with Fat and Overwieght Disadvantages.
  10. Tech Level now persisted after character Recalculation.
  11. Added Possession checking for: Voice-Disturbing Voice, Weath-Poverty (including Temporary), and Dwarfism-Gigantism. Also added Body Sense +3 bonus from Absolute Direction.
  12. Fixed Recalculation of defaulted skills and Modifying Defaulted skills.
  13. Added SubID ability to Single-NaturalAttack advantages.
  14. Added ability to change character's name in the Attributes dialog.
  15. Added OtherPD's and OtherDR's to the character sheet modifying the base PD and DR values.
  16. Put Damage Resistance into a Sub-Table.
  17. Added more KIT files for the Horror database.
  18. Fixed List displaying error for Racial Advantages and Racial Disadvantages. Information is now correctly displayed.
  19. Remove duplicate Weapon Master from Compendium database.
  20. Changed Enhance-Dialog for Enhanced Advantages and Disadvantages.
  21. Moved all Magery Advantages into a Magery Sub-table.
  22. Display Magery level in Advantage description. (e.g. Magery: Song (+2))
  23. Moved all Savior Faire skills into sub-table.

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