What's New?
Imaginware Development Co.
What was New in Version 2.04?
  1. The added bonus for Language Talent given by the Cultural Adaptation advantage is now correctly computed into the skill level for languages.
  2. Staff, Fencing, and other skills now provide 2/3 ability for parry skill instead of 1/2.
  3. Knife skill now assigns a -1 penalty to parry skill.
  4. Reduced Move no longer effects Basic Speed, just Move.
  5. Layering of armor is allowed. (PD = best PD of all items, DR = sum of DR's)
  6. The location and size of the application is now saved.
  7. Fixes to several Martial Arts maneuvers that were not calculating correctly.
  8. Added Martial Arts Styles.
  9. Added Descriptions to Compendium, Martial Arts and Magic Databases.
  10. Dodge now being calculated from Combat move rather than Travelling Move.
  11. High-Tech Database added.
  12. Picture now persisted when recalculating.
  13. Sub-Descriptions now added to Var-Desc skill types.
  14. Sub-Dialogs for Equipment, Weapons, and Armor now display cost, wieght and description.

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