What's New?
Imaginware Development Co.
What was New in Version 2.02?
  1. Battle Skill added.
  2. When setting the character's picture, the directory of the last chosen picture (if a picture has been previously chosen) will be the current starting directory.
  3. Added Sub-Table access for Equipment, Armor, and Weapon items.
  4. Fix to Preferences Dialog for Category Selection. (Removed - Money, Melee-Weapons, Ranged-Weapons). These were condensed into Equipment and Weapons respectively.
  5. Fix to Enhanced Strength Dialog. Now when taking the Enhance Strength Limitations, and the base strength is not modified, the Display is set correctly.
  6. Correction to display of Fatigue. Now if Enhanced Strength is selected, and Fatigue reduction or spell fatigue reduction is selected, the Fatigue value is displayed correctly.

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